Here you’ll find a list of all people who are currently members of our group. Click on the name for further information about a person. From outside the university, please use the national prefix 0228 73 or the international prefix +49 228 73, followed by the four- or five-digit extension. All offices are located in the Institute of Physics. The address can be found under “Contact”.

Head of the Group
Prof. Dr. Ian Brock36161.013brock[at]
Retired Professors
Prof. Dr. Ewald Paul32241.057paul[at]
Nicole Felde23431.037felde[at]
Dr. Oleh Kivernyk 30011.016oleh.kivernyk[at]
Engineers and Technicians
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Walter Ockenfels36992.014ockenfels[at]
PhD Students
Anjishnu Bandyopadhyay36071.015anjishnu[at]
Federico Diaz Capriles 36071.015capriles[at]
Tanja Holm35111.018holm[at]
Christian Kirfel36071.015kirfel[at]
Master Students
Nilima Akolkar35111.018akolkar[at]
Nicolas Boeing36071.015boeing[at]
Chris Boever
Maxx Richard Rahman35111.018rahman[at]
Han Na We35111.018we[at]
Bachelor Students
Richard Baumann36071.015s6ribaum[at]
Ellinor Eckstein35111.018s6elecks[at]
Piet Nogga 36071.015s6pinogg[at]