PhD Theses
Christian KirfelNeural Network-based Signal Isolation and Cross Section Estimation of the tH Process with the ATLAS Detector2023-12
Anjishnu BandyopadhyaySearch for single production of vector-like quarks decaying into a W b final state at √ s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector2023-10
Tanja HolmTowards a measurement of the tHq process in channels with hadronic tau lepton decays2023-07
Federico Guillermo Diaz CaprilesUsing Advanced Machine Learning Techniques to Study Poorly Modeled Processes in pp collisions with the ATLAS detector2023-05
Rui ZhangInclusive and differential cross-section measurements of tW single top-quark production at √ s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector2019-06
Irina Antonela CioarăAssociated Production of a Top Quark and a Z Boson in pp Collisions at √s = 13 TeV Using the ATLAS Detector Autor 2018-07
Pienpen Seema-MergelmeyerMeasurements of differential t-channel single top-quark production cross-sections with the ATLAS detector2017-10
Ozan Arslan Search for Flavour Changing Neutral Currents through Single Top-Quark Production at 8 TeV with the ATLAS Detector2017-07
Sebastian Mergelmeyer Measurement of the Associated Production of a Single Top Quark and a W Boson in Single-Lepton Events with the ATLAS Detector2016-05
Jan A. StillingsSearch for the associated production of a W boson and a top quark with the ATLAS detector at 7 TeV2015-05
Muhammed AlhroobSearch for Flavour Changing Neutral Currents in Single Top-Quark Production at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS Detector2013-03
Péter KövesárkiMultivariate methods and the search for single top-quark production in association with a W boson in ATLAS2012-12
Thomas LoddenkötterImplementation of a kinematic fit of single top-quark production in association with a W boson and its application in a neural-network-based analysis in ATLAS2012-09
Ramoona ShehzadiMeasurement of beauty production in deep inelastic scattering at HERA using decays into electrons2011-01
Balint RadicsObservation of top quark pair production and estimation of W+jets background with ATLAS at the LHC2010-11
Master Theses
Marius StrickerCrosstalk measurement in the ATLAS electromagnetic calorimeter using muons2023-06
Oliver But Study of the production of a single-top quark in association with a Z-boson using hadronically decaying tau leptons in ATLAS2023-05
Richard BaumannImprovement of the analysis of single top-quark t-channel production using machine learning methods2023-05
Mathias WeißImprovements on the mass reconstruction of single top quark associated Higgs production at ATLAS analyzing the decay channel Higgs to tau-tau2023-04
Gupta AnubhavJet Reconstruction and Global Particle Flow in the ATLAS experiment for Run 3 of the LHC2022-11
Thiele SimonSingle-top t-channel total production cross-section measurement with ATLAS2022-11
Stotko DavidA new Reconstruction Algorithm for STYX using the Hough Transform2022-11
Vomberg LukaMachine Learning Techniques for Density Estimation of Top-Quark Production in the ATLAS Detector2022-06
Kanhaiya GuptaMeasurement of single top quark production in association with W,Z or Higgs boson in ATLAS2022-02
Marvin SchmitzFake tau estimation using Monte Carlo Likelihood Techniques in the tHq lep-had channel2021-09
Chris StaudeStudy of fake tau lepton rates in Higgs and Z Boson decays using advanced machine learning techniques2021-06
Florian KirfelApplication of neural networks for photon identification using the ATLAS detector2021-06
Nilima AkolkarMeasurement of differential cross-section of the tZq production2020-11
Han Na WeAssociated Production of a top quark and a Higgs Boson in pp collisions at 13 TeV using the ATLAS detector2020-05
Maxx Richard RahmanBackground estimation in the search for single production of vector-like quarks decaying into W b in p p collisions using a data-driven method at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector2020-01
Chris BoeverDifferential cross-section measurement of the tZq process with the ATLAS detector2019-11
Christian KirfelHyperparameter Optimisation of an Adversarial Neural Network in the tW channel at 13 TeV with ATLAS2019-04
Alexander Craig JohnstonSTYX Experiment: Gas Mixture, Simulation and Calibration2019-02
Marius BlautNon-prompt lepton background estimation for associated production of a top quark and a Z boson in pp collisions at √s=13 TeV at ATLAS2018-10
Federico Guillermo Diaz CaprilesMeasurement of the Single Top tW-channel inclusive cross-section in the single lepton final state at 13 TeV with ATLAS2018-04
Tanja HolmDetermining the jet energy resolution of the ATLAS detectorusing the bisector method2018-04
Dorothee Wohlleben Search for associated production of a single top quark and a Z boson in a dilepton final state with the ATLAS detector2017-10
Peter Johannes FalkeOptimisation of the b-jet reconstruction performance in top-quark physics with the ATLAS detector at the LHC2016-10
Anjishnu BandyopadhyayStatistical methods used in the search for singly produced vector-like quarks using the ATLAS detector2016-05
Elena ZarkhSTYX Experiment: Further development2015-01
Irina CioarÇŽOptimization of the single top-quark production analysis in the Wt channel at ATLAS using kinematic fitting and neural networks2014-07
Pienpen SeemaSearch for single top-quark production in the Wt-channel with 1 lepton and 2 jets at ATLAS2013-04
Nicolas BoeingOptimization of an Adversarial Neural Network in the tW Dilepton Channel at ATLAS0-00
Diploma Theses
Serpil SezerBeobachtung von W- und Z-Bosonen und Abschätzung des W+Jets und QCD-Untergrundes in der Top-Quark-Paarproduktion mit dem ATLAS-Detektor2013-04
Elena NickelMessung der Top-Quark-Masse mittels der Lepton-Transversalimpuls-Methode mit einem Datensatz von 5 fb<sup>−1</sup> am ATLAS-Detektor2012-12
Michael MuellerAnwendung der System8-Methode zur Bestimmung von b-Tagging-Effizienzen am ATLAS-Detektor2011-12
Philipp MehnertBestimmung der Top-Quark-Masse anhand der Transversalimpulse der Zerfallsleptonen im Lepton+Jets-Kanal mit dem ATLAS-Detektor2011-12
Jan A. StillingsTop Quark Mass Measurement using Lepton Transverse Momenta at ATLAS2009-07
Bachelor Theses
Jonas LotzEinsatz von neuronalen Netzwerken bei der Photon-Identifikation im ATLAS-Experiment2023-12
Felix Antonio Junjiro Obando MolinaImplementation and evaluation of a categorical classifier for signal and background isolation in the tHq channel at ATLAS2023-08
Henning RosePhotonen Identifikation mit einem neuronalen Netzwerk2022-03
Christian Laier KlugDevelopment of a new Trigger for the STYX Experiment2022-02
Thilo ScharnhorstVerbesserung der Massenrekonstruktion des Higgs-Bosons in H->tautau Zerfaellen bei der tHq-Erzeugung am LHC2021-06
Ellinor EcksteinDetermining the jet energy resolution in proton-proton collisions at √s = 13 TeV recorded in 2017 with the ATLAS detector using the bisector method2020-02
Piet NoggaMultivariate Analysis of a Top Quark Production with an associated Z Boson at the ATLAS Experiment corresponding to √s = 13 TeV2020-02
Richard BaumannHyperparameter Optimization of a Neural Network using Lorentz invariant Variables in the tZq Channel at 13 TeV with the ATLAS Experiment2020-02
Theodor Johannes BettrayMachine Learning based on KERAS for Single Top Physics at ATLAS2019-09
Nicolas Boeing Comparison of Multivariate Techniques in the W t Single Top-Quark Production Channel at ATLAS2017-09
Mark WeißenbergNeue Spurrekonstruktion für STYX mittels Hough-Transformation2016-09
Dustin HebeckerSTYX - Kalibration und Inbetriebnahme2012-08
Martina MoellerUntersuchung zur Bestimmung der Top-Quark-Masse aus Transversalimpulsen der Zerfallsleptonen mit dem ATLAS-Detektor2010-02
Andrea WagnerRekonstruktion der W-Boson-Masse in Lepton+Jets-Zerfällen zur Bestimmung der Top-Quark-Masse an ATLAS2009-10
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