Master-KolloquiumAnalysis of the semi-leptonic decays, $\PB\rightarrow\Prho\Plepton\Pnu$ and $\PB\rightarrow\Pomega\Plepton\Pnu$ using hadronic FEI tagging on Belle dataReferent: Rieka Rittsteiger (Phyikalisches Institut Bonn)

Beschreibung: We work on the reconstruction of the decays $B\rightarrow\rho\ell\nu$ and $B\rightarrow\omega\ell\nu$, with the $\ell$ being an electron or a muon. Data from the Belle experiment at KEK in Tsukuba, Japan is being used. Belle took data starting in 1999 up to 2010 at a center of mass energy which corresponds to the mass of the $\Upsilon(4s), which predominantly decays into a pair of $B$ mesons. The Full Event Interpretation is used to fully reconstruct one $B$ meson in a hadronic decay mode. The signal $B$ meson is reconstructed from a lepton and the respective hadron depending on the decay, using the remaining tracks. The precise knowledge of the tag side B decay leads to a good ratio between signal to background but also a small efficiency. In this Masters talk the status of the tagged $B\rightarrow\rho\ell\nu$ and $B\rightarrow\omega\ell\nu$ analysis as well as the general analysis strategy are presented.

Datum/Uhrzeit Datum Di, 28.06.2022 Zeit 12:15-13:00Öffentliche Veranstaltung Öffentliche VeranstaltungVeranstalter Veranstalter Rieka Rittsteiger, Belle Veranstaltungsort Veranstaltungsort Hörsaal I (PI HS I)
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