Bethe ColloquiumStandard Model or Standard Theory?Referent: Riccardo Barbieri (SNS, Pisa)

Beschreibung: The impressive extension of successful tests of the Standard Model of elementary particles suggests to promote it to a / the Standard Theory. After arguing why this may be premature, I discuss the potential of precision measurements in the next decade or so to search for possible Beyond the Standard Model effects, crucial to try to answer the question of the title.

Datum/Uhrzeit Datum Do, 24.10.2019 Zeit 16:15-17:30Öffentliche Veranstaltung Öffentliche VeranstaltungVeranstalter Veranstalter Christa Börsch, Theorie Veranstaltungsort Veranstaltungsort Hörsaal I (PI HS I)Zusatzinformationen Vortragsfolien Vortragsfolie Edit Veranstaltungsdetails bearbeiten