Overview over public events: Bethe Colloquium in WS 2019/2020

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WS 2019/20
24.10.2019 (Thu) 16:15-17:30 i"Standard Model or Standard Theory?"
Bethe Colloquium

The impressive extension of successful tests of the Standard Model of elementary particles suggests to promote it to a / the Standard Theory. After arguing why this may be premature, I discuss the pot ['...']
Referent: Riccardo Barbieri (SNS, Pisa)
Veranstalter: Christa Börsch
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BC: "Standard Model or Standard Theory?"
Riccardo Barbieri Hörsaal I

BC: Bethe Colloquium, bs: Bachelor Seminar, MK: Master Colloquium, P: Graduation Colloquium, PK: Physikalisches Kolloquium, SrgS: String Seminar, SS: Special Seminar, ThS: Theoretisches Seminar, TS: Seminar über Teilchenphysik, W: Workshop, WP: Wolfgang Paul Lecture,

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